Why Malaga is an amazing place for water sports

Why Malaga Is An Amazing Place For Water Sports

Málaga has several beaches, in different sizes and popularity. With 5 kilometres of coastline Malaga is a great city for a beach vacation especially with the year-round good weather. To fully enjoy the Mediterranean sea in Malaga we advise you to combine your day in the sand with some water sports. 

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Why should I even do water sports?

Because water sports are fun! Okay Sherlock, thanks for the update. The more specific answer is that sporting in general as well as watersports are great for your health. Studies have shown that water sports are beneficial for health and mental well-being. So while doing a fun activity also improving your health? What’s not to like? Not ready convinced yet about the benefits of watersports in general, than read our blog about the advantages of SUP boarding in Malaga.

Forms of water sports available in Malaga

Malaga host the options for several forms of watersports, individually or in group form. Think of hydro-pedals, jet skis, also the more modern forms such as aqua-jetpacks. From Malaga city you can go on several scuba diving excursions or visit a “cala” (we wrote more about cala’s in this article) and enjoy some snorkelling. Finally of course several forms of surfing, golf surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddle board surfing (SUP’ing). The latter is our specialization, to read more about SUP boarding we recommend you this article.

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For who is water sports available in Malaga?

Water sports in Malaga are available almost year-round for everybody who is able to swim. Sure in the winter the water might be a bit too cold for some people, nevertheless Malaga is almost always open for watersports. Although always try to keep safety measures in mind while doing water sports. For SUP boarding (and water sports in Malaga in general) we wrote about safety guidelines on our blog.

Certain water activities might require a certain age or level of swimming, examples of water sports in Malaga with a minimal level/age are: diving, jet-ski and hoverboards. These are great to do with friends because they are more of a daytrip than an actual sporting activity.

Individual water sport activities in Malaga are diving, surfing (wind, kite, golf). The latter forms of surfing would be advised with a few introductory classes to get the fullest out of your rental period.

Family water sports activities (all aged swimmers) In Malaga are hydro-pedals, banana boats and SUP boarding. Hydro-pedals are great fun for families because the activity is literally a group activity (good luck going around on a hydro-pedal by your own). Banana boats will give the whole family a thrill! With SUP’s you are able to relax on the water, discover new places and even surf a bit!

Where in Malaga?

So now we’ve established what types of forms of water sports in Malaga are available it is important to know where you are able to do these. To start off the beaches around Malaga city like La Malagueta and Pedregalejo. 

These two beaches are great for watersports in Malaga, La Malagueta is the most popular (and probably closest to your stay). Pedregalejo is known for the many fish restaurants and sometimes even the opportunity to make your own sardines (in the traditional way). If you are looking for more beaches around Malaga please read our article about beaches in and around Malaga.

Ready for your adventure on the water?

After reading this article we are sure you want to experience an adventure on the water as well. Are you even enthusiast about using a SUP board when you are here? Great! Contact us and we will make sure you have an amazing time!

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