The 4 benefits of SUP boarding in Malaga

The 4 benefits of SUP boarding in Malaga

Stand up paddle boarding has become very popular over the past years, especially in Malaga. This phenomenon is not without a reason. Even better, it has several reasons which we will dive in further!

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1. Doing your cardio while having fun

Because SUP boarding is based on paddling on the water you have to keep constant motion in your body which is the base of a cardiologic work-out. Which is by itself a big benefit of SUP boarding. Okay so what’s the fun part? Since you are able to SUP with or against your friends you are able to do your cardio while having fun. You can even SUP around the shore of Malaga for a while and look at nature while working out.

2. Build those abs!

Since you have to stand up for the SU-part of SUP’ing you have to use your core. No we will not judge when you sit down on your board while SUP boarding in Malaga. But we do advise you to stand up and enjoy the view. So enjoying the view while SUP boarding is a great benefit of our beloved sport.

3. Rest your head

While the previous benefits spoke about working and building with your body, being on the sea also does something with the mind. There is a reason that SUP-yoga exist. SUP-yoga combines the agility you will need on the board with the exercises of yoga. Maybe doing SUP-yoga out on the sea in Malaga is a bit difficult for most of us (at least for me). However being out on the sea just somehow brings the mind to peace which is another great benefit of SUP boarding.

4. It’s in Malaga!

And of course, since we are based in Malaga you are able to enjoy our wonderous city. With 5km of beaches and many chiringuitos it’s an ideal place to do any watersports in Malaga. Which might not be a benefit of SUP boarding perse, how ever we couldn’t resist to call it. Want to enjoy these benefits yourself? Feel free to book a SUP or contact us. Want to have more inspiration about beaches in Malaga? Read our article about it.

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