Discover the Best Watersport Locations in Marbella: Our Top 3 Spots for Exciting Activities

If you’re looking for amazing watersport experiences in Marbella, you’ve come to the right place. Marbella, located on the stunning Costa del Sol, offers 27 kilometers of coastline with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, making it an ideal destination for watersports. In particular, Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become a popular activity in the area. Discover our top three locations that offer a great balance of fun, relaxation, and natural beauty.🏖 

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Playa de Venus - The Vibrant Heart of Marbella’s SUP Scene

More Marbella than this it is not going to get. Close to the old town with a vibrant stretch of beach with loads of restaurants, terraces, bars and of course Puerto Deportivo de Marbella next door! Do you enjoy being on a SUP while having a lot of things to see around you? With our SUP ondemand rental you can pump up your SUP on the beach and paddle around, enjoy the breathtaking views. 


Just pump-up your SUP on the beach, just paddle around and make sure to give yourself the opportunity for a break. With diverse restaurants, terraces, and bars, this place offers the perfect blend of watersport activities and local entertainment. I do recommend you to keep an eye-out for boats and jetski’s in the aera! Read our safety tips to make sure you will have a safe day 

Cabopino Beach - Calm Waters and Scenic Coastline for SUP Enthusiasts

Located a few kilometres east of Marbella, Cabopino Beach is a popular spot for watersport activities. It offers calm waters and a relaxed atmosphere, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers looking to explore Marbella’s coastline. From the sea you have an amazing view over the dunes next to the picturesque harbour of Cabopino. Some beautiful beacon towers can be seen along the coast here. For example: Torre Ladrones in the Dunes the Artola dating back to the 14th century. Paddled a lot and do you want to take a break? On this stretch you can also find more than enough chiringuitos to enjoy a cold beverage and some tapas. Don’t forget to order the “espetos de sardinas” – a local delight. Making Cabopino beach a top location for SUP’ing in Marbella. 

Embarcadero Marbella: Uncover the Underwater Wonders

Embarcadero Marbella is a wooden pier extending into the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea at Playa de Nagüeles. The sea bottom around the pier is full of rocks and provides a perfect environment for sea life, making this spot ideal for both SUP and snorkeling along Marbella’s coastline. On previous visits, we’ve encountered octopuses, squid, and various little fishes. And yes for our marine life enthusiasts, we have no clue how they are named but feel free to rent a SUP and show us your knowledge 😀 . So, if you plan on visiting Embarcadero Marbella, we recommend bringing a snorkel along with your SUP for a refreshing dive. Embarcadero Marbella is a must-visit destination for watersport enthusiasts seeking an enchanting encounter with marine life. 

Conclusion and overview

As you embark on your watersport journey in Marbella, these top three locations are just the beginning, with 27km of coastline Marbella is able to offer a lot more SUP locations. From Playa de Venus, where watersports and vibrant ambiance collide, to the serene waters of Cabopino Beach and the fascinating marine life at Embarcadero Marbella, Marbella offers amazing watersport opportunities. Discover the best watersport locations in Marbella with our SUP on demand service. Done in Marbella? Go discover Malaga! We are also available over there. Get ready to create unforgettable memories in the stunning coastal playground of the Costa del Sol, one of the finest watersport destinations in Spain. 

Location Unique Features Facilities Additional Attractions Landmarks Parking Availability Chiringuito Place to Inflate Your SUP
Playa de Venus Vibrant beach Restaurants, terraces, bars Puerto Deportivo Old Town Marbella Limited public parking Numerous chiringuitos Beach area
Cabopino Beach Calm waters, scenic coastline Harbor, calm waters Boat rentals, dune walks Torre Ladrones Public parking available Various chiringuitos Beach and harbor area
Embarcadero Marbella Rocky sea bottom, ideal for snorkeling Pier, clear waters Snorkeling Playa de Nagüeles Limited public parking Few nearby chiringuitos Beach area near the pier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a SUP board at Playa de Venus?

Yes, you can rent a SUP board at Playa de Venus. We offer SUP on demand rentals, allowing you to conveniently pump up your SUP on the beach and paddle around while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Is Cabopino Beach suitable for beginners?

Yes, Cabopino Beach is a great spot for both beginners and experienced paddlers. With its calm waters and relaxed atmosphere, it provides an ideal setting for SUP enthusiasts of all levels.

What additional attractions can be found near Cabopino Beach?

Along the coastline of Cabopino Beach, you can explore beautiful beacon towers, such as Torre Ladrones in the Dunes of Artola dating back to the 14th century. Additionally, you'll find plenty of chiringuitos where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage and local tapas.

Are there snorkeling opportunities at Embarcadero Marbella?

Absolutely! Embarcadero Marbella offers an excellent snorkeling experience. The rocky sea bottom and clear waters around the pier create an ideal environment for marine life. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear along with your SUP board for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Are there parking facilities available at these locations?

Playa de Venus, Cabopino Beach, and Embarcadero Marbella have varying parking availability. Playa de Venus and Embarcadero Marbella have limited public parking options, while Cabopino Beach offers public parking facilities.

Can I find chiringuitos near these SUP locations?

Yes, all three locations have chiringuitos nearby. Playa de Venus and Cabopino Beach offer numerous chiringuitos where you can enjoy drinks and tapas, while Embarcadero Marbella has a few nearby chiringuitos for your convenience.

Where can I inflate my SUP board at these locations?

At Playa de Venus and Cabopino Beach, you can inflate your SUP board on the beach. However, at Embarcadero Marbella, there is no designated place to inflate your SUP board, so it's recommended to bring your own inflating equipment.

Remember to visit our website for more information and details on renting SUP boards in the Costa del Sol!

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