How to safely conduct water sports, best practices to enjoy the water sports in Malaga.

How to safely conduct water sports, best practices to enjoy the water sports in Malaga.

We at Flex-Watersports love to introduce people to (new) water sports in our region (Malaga). For us enjoyment and discovery are a core for our personality as well as our sport. However it’s important for every sporter in the water to stay safe. And in this article we will give you our best practices for you to enjoy the water safely.

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Plan beforehand where and how far you will go into the water. This ensures the people who you are with and yourself what to expect. Always be aware of the surroundings (are there any warnings) and weather (can you expect a storm for instance). Inspect your gear for defects. At Flex-Watersports we always inspect our gear when it gets handed in and before it is given out. However we would always recommend you to double check. Do not participate in water sports if you are not able to swim.

Behaviour in the water

Surf safely, keep others in mind. This means be aware of swimmers and other sporting activities in the water. Keep your distance from others, you might fall of your board and land on another person (for instance). Follow the orders of the local life guards and flags. Stay away from restricted areas and mind the buoys. If something happens, make others aware by sitting on the board, waving your arms above your head towards the sides of the body. If people are close you can communicate also by voice.

Rules of traffic in the water

Stay away from commercial traffic and they are allowed to pass by first. Windsurfers and sailors are considered sailing ships and are allowed to pass before kite surfers and SUP’ers. Hold enough space in the water from objects and “keep the right side” (which of course is more obvious on rivers).

Where in Malaga?

So now we’ve established what types of forms of water sports in Malaga are available it is important to know where you are able to do these. To start off the beaches around Malaga city like La Malagueta and Pedregalejo. 

These two beaches are great for watersports in Malaga, La Malagueta is the most popular (and probably closest to your stay). Pedregalejo is known for the many fish restaurants and sometimes even the opportunity to make your own sardines (in the traditional way). If you are looking for more beaches around Malaga please read our article about beaches in and around Malaga.

Now it’s time to enjoy the water

With these best practices we are sure you are able to enjoy the waters around Malaga. Are you willing to give it a try? Why not try the benefits of SUP boarding or orientate some more about our beaches and water sports. Ready to enjoy the waters with a SUP board? Contact us or book one directly through or site.

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